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Directv Remote Program Code for Lg TV & Guide



DirecTV Remotes are a great option for avoiding the chaos of multiple remotes in your living room. They offer the convenience of controlling multiple devices with just one remote, making them a great choice for keeping your entertainment setup organised.

If you have recently purchased an LG TV, this DirecTV remote code provides specific programming codes to control not only your LG TV but also a variety of other entertainment devices, regardless of their brand or type.

No matter what your level of technical knowledge is, setting up your DirecTV remote to control all your entertainment devices is a simple process. Just enter the codes specified in the manual for the Direc TV remote into the device you want to program and you’ll be ready to go.

This article provides a detailed guide about the programming instructions for your DirecTV Remote to LG TV with the Programming Code List.

Note: Dirce TV Remote can be employed to operate not only LG tv but also numerous appliances, such as DVDs, Blu-rays, Home Theater Systems, Set Top Boxes and Satellite receivers. Learn more about the qualities of this remote and how to configure it

DirecTV Programming Code List for LG TV

To program your Direct TV remote to control your LG TV and other devices, you must look for the correct code on the list provided and use it to configure your remote. This will allow you to utilise the remote with the desired device.

11265   10017 13941 12731 12424 12834 11423 12864 12731

11423 11756 12049 12731 10856 12424 11178 12360 12834  12434  10017 10885   10030 10056 12358  10178  10700 11993  10829   10706  12864 11265  11325 12612 13941

Different methods to Program your DirecTV Remote to LG TV

With any model of DirecTV remote, you can operate the system by programming any version of your LG TV. In this case you will need to follow a unique programming method in each case. From this part of the article you will learn the programming methods of LG TV devices with different DirecTV remotes. In this case you can program any DirecTV remote by following either of the first two methods. However, if you have a DirecTV Genie remote, you need to follow either of the two specific methods.

How to Program your any DirecTV Remote with Manual Code Configuration Method

To pair your DirecTV Remote with your LG TV you can use the Auto Code search method. In this method your DirecTV Remote will search a suitable programming code automatically to pair with your device. You can use this method for any DirecTV remote programming other than DirecTV Genie remote. Below is a step by step guidance for DirecTV Remote pairing with LG TV with Manual Code Configuration method.

Step 1. Press the power button on the TV and the power button on the TV Receiver.

Step 2. Using the remote control, switch the mode setting.’

Step 3. Press and hold the ‘Mute’ and ‘Select’ buttons on your remote until the LED light on the remote flashes green twice.

Step 4. Enter one of the suitable codes on your DirecTV remote using the number keys.

Step 5. To check if your TV is working correctly, press one of the function keys on the remote. If the TV responds when you press the Volume button, then you have successfully completed the setup process. If it doesn’t work, repeat the same process again with a different code.

Step 6. Press down and keep the ‘Mute’ and ‘Select’ buttons pressed until the small LED light on the remote blinks green twice.

Step 7. Enter the code 960 into the number buttons, and the green light should blink twice. 

Step 8. Switch the ‘Mode Switch’ to DirecTV finally.

Programming Steps for any DirecTV Remote in On Screen Pairing Method

If you have specific programming codes to program your any DirecTV Remote with your LG TV device. You can use that programming code to establish a relatively flexible programming status between any DirecTV Remote other than DirecTV Genie Remote with your LG TV. Below you will get the simple explanation about the ON Screen programming method for LG TV with DirecTV Remote.

Step 1: For a seamless operation, it is recommended to use fresh or well-charged AA batteries in the DirecTV remote and then turn on the device.

Step 2 : To get started, press the “Menu” button on your TV remote.

Step 3: Select the “Settings and Help” option from the menu, then choose “Remote Control” and finally select “Program Remote.”

Step 3: Once you’ve reached the program remote option, select “TV.”

Step 4: Input one of the remote codes available in the instruction manual.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the programming process.

IN short, to program your TV remote, you need to access the “Program Remote” feature in the “Settings and Help” menu on your TV. Input a remote code, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Program your DirecTV Genie Remote Manually

The programming process is different for DirectTV Genie Remote. You will need to know the specific programming method to pair your DirecTV Genie Remote with your LG TV. This part of the article will guide you about how to program your DirecTV Genie remote with your LG TV.

Step 1. Put the remote control near your Genie Mini or Genie DVR and press the ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ buttons simultaneously. Keep them pressed until the LED light on your remote blinks green twice.

Step 2. From your remote control, enter the code 961 by pressing the number buttons 

Step 3. Next, press the ‘Channel UP’ button and then hit ‘Enter’ on the remote.

Step 4. When you see the message “Your Remote is now Set up for RF” on display, press ‘OK’.

Step 5. Turn your LG TV on.

Step 6. Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote..

Step 7. Go to ‘Settings and Help’, select ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Remote Control’, and lastly, ‘Program Remote’.

Step 8. Select the TV option from the available choices of devices. Then, look at the instructions on the display of your TV and follow them to finish setting up.

On Screen Programming Method for DirectTV Genie Remote

You can also program your DirecTV Genie Remote with your LG TV by On Screen programming method like other DirecTV Remote. Below are the step by step instructions about the On Screen programming method of DirecTV Genie Remote with your LG TV Device.

Step 1: To program your remote, bring it close to your Genie Mini or Genie DVR.

Step 2: Press the “Select” and “Enter” buttons together. Keep holding the buttons until the LED light on the remote flashes green twice. A message will appear on your LG TV screen stating  “Applying IF/RF Setup” 

Step 3: Turn on your LG TV.

Step 4: Using your remote, press the “Menu” button.

Step 5: Navigate to Settings and Help, then Settings, then Remote Control, and finally Program Remote.

Step 6: Choose “TV” from the list of devices available.

Step 7: Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the programming process.

[Tip: In short, to program your remote to work with your LG TV, you need to bring it close to your Genie Mini or Genie DVR and press certain buttons. Then, turn on your TV, access the “Program Remote” feature in the “Settings and Help” menu, select “TV,” and follow the instructions on the screen.]

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