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Cable Box Remote Control Codes List For All TV Models [2023]



Universal remote can control various devices like TVs, DVD, VCR, Cable boxes, satellite receivers, etc, however, if you are wondering about controlling the cable box with your universal remote then you will need a code for programming it so in this tutorial you will get cable box remote control codes.

That you can use to control any brand’s cable box like Sony, Samsung, Sharp, and more though I will share more than one code for each cable box so after using the first code if it did not connect then you can use another code I will share them along with their brand name so you can find easily.

Before sharing the codes with you first I have tested them on my cable box and these are working fine they will surely help you if programmed correctly. It doesn’t matter which universal remote you want to use with it the codes are the universal default and they are compatible with all universal remotes.

Almost all the cable boxes need 4 digits code for programming the remote but there are also some devices that require 3 and 5 digits so you will get all these codes in the below list. But make sure to read whole the guide until the end hence you don’t miss any code and other useful information.

Cable Box Remote Control Codes

I will try to cover all the working codes for all the brands of cable boxes so if you don’t find your brand name in the list then tell me in the comments section I will find it in my list and will provide you immediately. Before you enter the code I suggest that remove all the limitations between the remote and the cable box.

Because if the remote stop working while programming then you will not be able to connect it and in this case, you will need to follow the programming again, also make sure to enter each digit of the code if you miss any of them then the cable box will not accept it.

PANASONIC Cable Box Remote Code0460, 647
PHILIPS Cable Box Remote Code0505, 750
PIONEER Cable Box Remote Code0493, 950
PULSAR Cable Box Remote Code0486, 0489
RADIO SHACK Cable Box Remote Code0534, 152
RCA Cable Box Remote Code0471, 647
REALISTIC Cable Box Remote Code0469, 548
REGAL Cable Box Remote Code0482, 849
TOSHIBA Cable Box Remote Code0486, 250
TV86 Cable Box Remote Code0487
UNITED Cable Box Remote Code0461, 747
UNIVERSAL Cable Box Remote Code0471, 851
VIDEO TECH Cable Box Remote Code0550, 656
ZENITH Cable Box Remote Code0521, 250
VIDEOTRON Cable Box Remote Code0506, 0512
VIEWSTAR Cable Box Remote Code0487, 350
UNIKA Cable Box Remote Code0469, 0471
TOCOM Cable Box Remote Code0501, 952
TIME WARNER Cable Box Remote Code0506, 0512
TEXSCAN Cable Box Remote Code0499, 551
TELEVIEW Cable Box Remote Code0474
TANDY Cable Box Remote Code0500, 651
STAR TRAK Cable Box Remote Code0608, 0516
STAR SIGHT Cable Box Remote Code0507, 352
STARGATE Cable Box Remote Code0474, 449
STARCOM Cable Box Remote Code0518, 747
STANDARD Cable Box Remote Code0499, 551
SPRUCER Cable Box Remote Code0460
SONY Cable Box Remote Code0372, 0988
ROKU Cable Box Remote Code52371
SAMSUNG Cable Box Remote Code051, 0474
SIGNATURE Cable Box Remote Code947, 0463
MEMOREX Cable Box Remote Code250, 0486
MAGNAVOX Cable Box Remote Code150, 0485
HITACHI Cable Box Remote Code947, 0463
GE Cable Box Remote Code556, 0622
AMERICAST Cable Box Remote Code354, 0527
CABLEVIEW Cable Box Remote Code448, 0468
GEMINI Cable Box Remote Code549, 0479
VIDEOWAY Cable Box Remote Code052, 0504
SIGNAL Cable Box Remote Code449, 0474
SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA Cable Box Remote Code351, 0506
PACE Cable Box Remote Code854, 0532
JERROLD Cable Box Remote Code947, 0518
GC ELECTRONICS Cable Box Remote Code548, 0469
SHARP Cable Box Remote Code0604
DIRECTV Cable Box Remote Code1766, 1768
DISH NETWORK Cable Box Remote Code0628, 0589
NEOSAT Cable Box Remote Code1761

If the code is entered correctly a small LED light on the remote will blink twice which means the code has been entered successfully after that you can enjoy using the remote on your cable box however if it doesn’t blink then pick another code from the list.

Motorola cable box remote codes

In the above table of cable box remote control codes, most of the brands are covered thus after using them if your remote still not working on your Motorola cable box and you are looking for other codes then try the below codes that I have collected for Motorola cable boxes keep trying all codes until the work connect and work properly.

  • 013
  • 465
  • 009
  • 1214
  • 8101
  • 0552
  • 5505
  • 0529
  • 0049
  • 38610
  • 52378
  • 34500

In this list 3, 4 and 5 digits universal remote codes are available to try each code one after one until your remote correctly connects to your cable box, hence after the remote’s light blink twice after entering the code then press the power button to turns it off, and then open it and use all the remote keys to check it is working whether not.

Samsung Optimum Cable Box Remote Codes

No doubt Samsung’s gadgets are famous all over the world and they are most selling in the market as they have launched 4k TVs, satellite receivers, Cable boxes, etc therefore in this section you will get the codes that you can use to control the Samsung optimum cable boxes with a universal remote.

  • 1213
  • 8002
  • 3185
  • 2955
  • 0144
  • 8010
  • 0036
  • 51982
  • 14545
  • 16725
  • 40107

With help of these codes, you can operate your cable box with any manufacturer’s universal remote however before entering the code, place the new batteries in your remote if you program the remote on expired batteries then the remote may stop working while programing.

Evolution Cable Box Remote Codes

With the universal remote you control all of your devices it doesn’t matter it is the old brand or new, this remote will give you access to control both old and new devices so if you want codes to connect it with an evolution cable box then I’m listing some working codes below that will help you for connecting.

Before using the codes turn off your TV just open the evolution cable box if you open both devices then the remote may be stuck between multiple devices and will not connect any of them, after entering the code properly then you can open your tv with the cable box.

  • 158
  • 189
  • 215
  • 2479
  • 4079
  • 2746
  • 4315
  • 52479
  • 52746

Although if these codes don’t work for you then you can also find your code in the first list of cable box remote control codes you may find it there if none of the codes helps then tell me your universal remote’s brand name and model number in the comments section I will provide you code according to your remote.

Arris Cable Box Remote Codes

Are you using the arris cable box at your home then you can also control it with the universal remote by using the below codes use all the codes if after the first code your remote didn’t respond correctly then use another code one of them will surely connect your remote, however, these codes are working on all arris cable boxes.

  • 176
  • 287
  • 192
  • 1274
  • 5537
  • 0476
  • 2952
  • 3765
  • 52378
  • 42717

I and my team check all the codes list after every week and replace the expired codes with working codes so if you find any of the above codes that don’t help you then share it with us we will replace it with another code and your help will be much appreciated.

Cisco Cable Box Remote Codes

So you have a cisco cable box and you want to control it with a universal remote well, I’m sharing some codes with you that will help you to activate the remote with your cisco cable box these codes will work on all the cisco cable boxes so if any of them doesn’t work then ask me for other codes.

  • 0535
  • 0506
  • 0466
  • 0455
  • 0497
  • 1094
  • 1184
  • 1822
  • 1184
  • 1550

After entering the code correctly you will be able to use all the buttons of your remote to control the cisco cable box like increasing and decreasing volume, change channels On/off, etc however if your remote keep stoping while entering the codes then hold your remote close to your cable box.


These are the Cable Box Remote Control Codes that you need while programming the universal remote, all the codes are my own tested and they all are working fine, though if you are succeeded to program the remote by using the code but if you feel that some remote keys are not working on some cable box features.

Then don’t be worried about that is because the code that you have entered for programming will not give you access to those features simply follow the same programming method again and change the code this time. Hence if you don’t want to use that feature then don’t change the code.

Because the code will work fine and will not harm your device, after using the 3 digit code if the remote still didn’t connect then use the 4 or 5 digit code as I told you every cable box requires different digits of codes for working. After reading whole the guide if you have any type of question on your mind.

Then ask me through the comments I will try my best to give you a perfect answer to your question also if you are facing issues while programming then tells me I will provide you with an alternative way to program the remote. In the end, I want to hear from you which code you are going to use first? and which cable box you want to connect with your remote.

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