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Panasonic Universal Remote Control Code & Program Method



Panasonic Universal Remote is an ideal way to avoid the mess of having multiple remotes in your living room. With just one remote, you can control multiple devices, making it a great choice for having an orderly entertainment system.

Panasonic Universal Remote produces a range of remotes that can be easily set up to work with all of your entertainment appliances using straightforward programming methods and the right code.

Programming the Panasonic Universal Remote is a lot easier than it looks. You can easily pair your Panasonic Universal Remote with the device of your choice through specific programming methods and codes.. It is not necessary to be tech-savvy to program your device with Panasonic Universal Remote; it only takes a few minutes to configure it.

The codes may vary based on the type and brand of device, but the programming process is consistent and straightforward. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on Panasonic Universal Remote Control Codes and Programming Process.

Note: The Panasonic Universal Remote is equipped with the capability to control a variety of electronic devices, including TVs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Home Theater Systems, Set Top Boxes, and Satellite receivers.

Through this article you will also learn about programming code and different methods of programming. Discover the functions of this Universal Remote Control and how to configure it with the Panasonic Universal Remote Codes.

Panasonic Universal Remote Control Code List

You can program up to three devices with the Panasonic remote, but you have to use specific programming codes. To use your Panasonic universal remote with different brands and models, you must look up the appropriate code in this list of this article.

This will permit you to set up the remote to control the desired device. Below you will find a complete list of three, four and five digit programming codes for Panasonic remotes by different devices and brands.

[Tips: From this section you can choose the specific programming code according to your device category, type and brand for ease of use in the programming step.]

1003  1096 1123 1292 1053 1010 1295 1289 1152  12434  1049 1231

Magnavox Program Remote Codes for Panasonic

0064 0029 0052

Philips Remote Setup Code for Panasonic

0696 0039 0618 0345 0608 0718 0007 0901 0739  0807  0416

Rca Remote Setup Code for Panasonic

1389 1054 1419 1350 1062 1055 1253 1130 1289  1286  1003 1246 
1275 1277 1109  1406  1170 1392  1418

Panasonic TV Audio Remote Codes

4038 4030 4051 4063 4005 4018 4050

Panasonic DVD Remote Setup Codes

2154 2031 2076 2105 2153 2151 2104 2075  2106  2066 2111

Panasonic HDTV Remote program Code

1410 1336 1442 1140 1331 1194 1234 1417  1169  1233 1170

Panasonic Universal Remote Control Programming Process

Programming a Panasonic universal remote control involves inputting a code that corresponds to the brand of your device. The code can be found in the remote control manual or on the Panasonic website. Once the code is entered, the remote should be able to control the device’s power, volume, and other functions.

Panasonic Universal Remote Control Programming method with programming Code

You can get a seamless experience in operating the system of your favourite device by programming your Panasonic remote through the programming code. For this you need specific programming code suitable for specific devices. For the Panasonic Universal Remote Control Programming method with programming code, you can initially find and note down the specific programming code from the Panasonic Universal Remote Control Code List of this article.

Step 1 :Gather the required materials. You will need the Panasonic universal remote control and the manual or access to the Panasonic website.

Step 2 : Find the code for your device. The code can be found in the manual that came with the remote control or on the Panasonic website.

Step 3 : Turn on the device you want to control.

Step 4 : Press the “Code Search” button which is located near the top of the remote control.

Step 5 : Hold down the device button (TV, DVD, etc.) that you want to program until the LED light blinks twice.

Step 6 : Enter the code using the number buttons on the remote control. The LED light should blink twice to indicate that the code has been accepted.

Step 7 : Test the remote control to make sure it is controlling the device properly. You can do this by turning the device on and off, adjusting the volume, and changing the channels.

Step 8 : If the code doesn’t work, repeat steps 4 to 7 with a different code until you find the correct code.

Note: The process of programming a Panasonic universal remote control may vary slightly depending on the model of the remote control. Be sure to refer to the manual or the Panasonic website for specific instructions.

Panasonic Universal Remote Programming Method without programming Code

If you fail to program your remote with your device using the with code programming method, or if you cannot find a suitable programming code for your device, you can use the without code programming method. Below you will find a step by step guide to programming methods without programming code for pairing your Panasonic remote with your device of choice.

Step 1. To complete the process, switch on the device that you want to control using the remote.

[Tips: In the auto-search method, the remote code is identified through a scanning process. It goes through each code one by one to determine the proper code that is compatible with your remote and allows you to program it.]

Step 2 : Locate the “Setup” button on the remote control. This button is usually marked with the letter “S.”

Step 3: Press and hold the “Setup” button until the red indicator light flashes twice. This signals that the remote is in “Setup” mode.

Step 4: Find the code for your device in the remote control’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Step 5: Press and release the corresponding device button on the remote control for the device you want to program. For example, if you’re programming a television, press the “TV” button.

Step 6: Enter the four-digit code for your device using the remote control’s numerical keypad. The red indicator light will flash twice to indicate that the code has been accepted.

Step 7: Test the remote control by pressing the “Power” button to see if it turns your device on and off. If it doesn’t work, repeat the process and try a different code.

Step 8: Repeat the process for any other devices you want to control with the remote.

By following these steps, you should be able to program your Panasonic Universal Remote Control without the need for a programming code.

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